This website, and my work, is dedicated to the healing and upliftment of all beings. If I can be of service to you, may our paths cross, and may you be truly blessed. In Love and Service,
Kathleen MacKay

Open Heart Meditation Every Wednesday Evening at 7:30pm
Welcome, to the sacred space within you. In the silence here, all questions are answered, all fears are silenced, and all dreams are fulfilled.
There are many reasons to practice meditation. There are many schools of thought, many philosophies, and countless techniques describing the how to's and the diverse benefits of meditation. These particular meditative gatherings will draw from several traditions, from Buddhism, to New Age, to the teachings of the yogis. We will experience moving meditation and breathwork in the form of Qi Gong, work with the powerful organizing force of the mind with guided visualization, and we will touch the deep silence within, that is beyond the mind.
It is in this silence that we experience what the Buddhists would call our Original Mind, or Buddha Nature. Some might call this level of being our Authentic Selves. It is here in this expanded state that we strengthen our connection with our Source, whatever that may be for us. It is here that the physical body can come into balance,
whatever that may look like right now. In the space between our thoughts, in the deep peace of the quiet mind, our fears gently fall away. All is well.
And we gather to share this experience together. We gather to harness the tremendous power that is created with group energy. We practice not just for ourselves, but for the good of all beings. For we are connected, You and I; your deep peace is my liberation, my release is your healing. The more I live in harmony with my True Nature, the
more the whole world is lifted. Therefore, we offer the merit of this practice to all beings, both seen and unseen, in all worlds, both known and unknown.
REIKI LEVEL II February 24th-26th $250 GUEST SPEAKER Sarnia Unitarian Fellowship "Sacred Relationship - The Alchemical Fire" March 26th PRIVATE HEALING SESSIONS Sarnia March 25th-28th WORKSHOP LEADER Canadian Thyroid Cancer Support Group (Thry'vors) Inc. "Moving Meditation - New Pathways to Health" April 8th SUNNY SANTA CRUZ CALIFORNIA!! April 19 - May 6th REIKI LEVEL II May 26th - 28th $250
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